Thursday, 17 May 2007

Kumble: Bangladesh Can Challenge India In Tests

Indian leg spinner Anil Kumble believes Bangladesh will be able to pose significant challenge in the up-coming two match test series which starts on Friday.

Speaking to, Bangladesh Cricket Board’s official site, Kumble paid respect to the progressing Bangladesh side that have already shown some improvements in the longer version of the game in their last test series against Australia.

“Definitely Bangladesh have improved a lot. They won many matches in the last two years and that gave them a lot of confidence. They have a good side and we respect them. They can challenge any opposition in their day.” said Kumble.

“Obviously Test cricket is different but they have done well in the Test match arena as well. They came close to beating Australia last year. So we know their strengths and we will try to do our best,” he added.

However, Kumble was concerned about the hot and humid conditions. It's summer in Bangladesh and mercury is regularly hitting levels well above the 360oC mark.

“It is pretty hot. The team which copes with the heat better will come out top,” said Kumble who was the most successful bowler in the previous test series against Bangladesh.

Answering on a question about Bangladeshi batsman’s success against Shane Warne in the last test series, Kumble showed his optimism about his performance and winning the test series.

“I think when last time I came here I was pretty successful. We won the Test series. That’s how I like to play the game. This time I will also try to do what I can and help the team to win the game”.

Bangladesh is playing test cricket after a break of 13 months. Bangladesh managed to win only one test match with four draws since gaining test status in 2000.

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